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Amongst the most popular kit built aircraft in the world, Zenair machines have an excellent reputation. They are quick to build, robust and fun to fly. The high wing STOL machines have an excellent reputation in working environments (our directors built and flew the STOL machines for use in West Africa),  and the low-wing machines have been used for getting places due to their excellent cruise speeds. The high wing CH750 Cruzer sits in the middle of the range, offering a bit of both worlds! So, whatever your preference in an airplane, if you want to BUILD it and FLY it, then talk to us!

We can help you choose your machine, and also offer range of builder assist programmes, including 2-week kick starts on the CH750 and CH650 aircraft that will catapult your homebuilt project forwards. We plan to open our build centre in 2017, a place where you can come and fast-build a section of your plane and then take it away for finishing work and final assembly at your home/airfield.

Not sure which Zenair is for you?  Take a read of the Kitplanes ‘Four a day’ article HERE 

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All kits come with lifetime user support package. Metal Seagulls provides the level of support you want and can supply and support a full range of parts and instruments to ensure that you find success and fun in your build!

2 Seat Aircraft

CH701SP – If you like to have a fun, or you need a workhorse for an NGO operation in Africa, then the 701 is the bird for you. You can build it from plans (the lowest cost way to build any plane), purchase a full kit, or mix ‘n’ match. With just £6000 you can be up and building your own plane in a matter of weeks…


CH750 STOL and CH750 Cruzer– Using match hole technology, the 750 range of aircraft are easy to build, and fun to fly. This kit is really quick to build, and offers a cabin with excellent views, accomodating two good sized crew and plenty of baggage area. For those on a tighter budget, plans built options are available. The fuselage is much the same between tblueprints-samplehe STOL and Cruzer aircraft. The STOL version has a slatted dual strut wing, different tail-feathers and wheels compared to the faster CRUZER, which has mass balanced control surfaces and a single strut wing.  For those looking for a compromise between the two (ie want the short take off and landing but would like a little more speed), we suggest taking the STOL machine and fitting CRUZER wheels and spats. (a lot of drag comes from the largZenith-CRUZER--0548ae tyres). Whatever option YOU want, whatever you mission, the CH750 offers a solution.  (We are also able to offer the quick build A.F.R.I.C.A. version for export only for mission operations where approved)

CH650 – 2 seat low wing cruising machine that offers the builder a rewarding sporty machine for going places!


4 Seat Aircraft: The 4-seat Zenair machines are not currently approved by the LAA in the UK.  However, for our clients in Africa, we do offer advanced build CH801 aircraft and can advise on adaptations for mission flights (ideal for a pilot/stretcher  and nurse or air-supply drops).

CH801, a STOL machine that carries 4 adults in comfort.  In certified form this aircraft is known as the CH8000 and is used for crop spraying in Jordon, which is a real testimony to the flexibiltiy of this airframe.  As a personal kit built aircraft, it has a fantastic load capacity, and is a pleasure to fly. Generally powered by 180Hp engine, we recommend low compression engines for bush operations where a mimimum of 95RON/91AKI Mogas is available.

CH640, is based on the certified form this aircraft, known as the CH2000 which has been used for training and many other missions. As a personal kit built aircraft, the CH640 offers a stylish cruise and eye catching form.