The WXYZ Plane


The WXYZ plane is a project by Patricia Mawuli Porter to encourage more women and young people into aviation, through exposure to a bit of hands on time in assisting with the build of her Zenair CH750 STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft. She hopes to get more than 200 women and youngsters to at least understand a bit about aircraft building and to pull a rivet in the construction of her aircraft. The plane, once complete, will fly around the UK to various events where Patricia will be pleased to chat about all things engineering and aviation with those who are interested.

Through this page you will be able to track progress, number of helpers, and some other statistics – including participants age (average, median and mode), profession, etc. The main build will begin in January, and we hope that you will both track the progress here – and contact us about getting involved too! (e-mail ).

The build is divided into sections (each one will become a hyperlink as the project continues) – check back often for updates!.

Build start date: 31/12/2016 – the first bits were laid out and the vision started to become a reality…

FAQs (updated 12/01/2017)

Preparation (updated 31/12/2016)

Rudder (updated 06/01/2017) – complete

Firewall (updated 06/01/2017) – complete

Forward Fuselage (updated 12/01/2017) – complete as sub-assembly

Seats (updated 12/01/2017)

Rear fuselage (updated 12/01/2017)

Horizontal Stabiliser / Elevator / Flaperons / Slats / Wings /  Electrical / Fuel / Firewall Forward (Engine Installation, cowling, etc) / Controls / Painting and marking / Test flights / Entry to service!



Faces of the builders – see them on the WXYZ Facebook album CLICK TO SEE

Ages of the builders (coming soon)

Professions of builders (coming soon)

Where the builders come from (coming soon)

You can also follow the project on Facebook –

Thank you for you interest in this project.


Thumbs up after another MoM mission...
Patricia Mawuli Porter