Our customers say…

“After researching and talking to various kit plane agents in the UK it was obvious to us that Metal Seagulls stood out from the rest and were, to us, the people who we wanted to do business with. Right from the start Jonathan and Patricia advised us as to the best plane for our needs; they are very approachable and friendly and have a vast wealth of knowledge to share.

Metal Seagulls dealt with all the ordering, shipping and importing of our plane kit. After our plane kit was delivered we have received all of the help required in completing all documentation and they are always ready to help with any questions.

Live the dream and contact Metal Seagulls….” Kyle and Debbie, Zenair CH750 builders

Having met Jonathan and Patricia through the purchase of our new Rotax 912is engine, the level of communication and support throughout the installation has been overwhelmingly helpful. With their assistance on email, telephone and Skype video, all doubts and questions were quickly and efficiently put to rest. Whilst “Rotax” engines are a great product, sometimes the information provided can be a little lacking. Jonathan and Patricia are always to hand and provide guidance when needed. A big thanks to you guys!!” Nick, Europa builder

I first spoke to Jonathan when he called me from deepest West Africa to help me sort out a problem with a Rotax 912iS installation in my Skyranger Nynja. That was early in 2015. Jonathan subsequently moved to the UK to provide tech support to the Rotax community.

Ever since that time he has given me his time readily in helping me with the build and I can honestly say that without him I would still be struggling. After he and Patricia set up Metals Seagulls I had the opportunity to have both Jonathan and his wife Patricia make a visit to oversee the first engine runs. Of course baby Gwen had to come too, much to the delight of my wife.

He always has boundless enthusiasm in the promotion of flying and chasing opportunities.

On returning to the UK Jonathan and Patricia wrote a book , Wonderful Adversity into Africa, which I can heartily recommend everyone should read. ” Ray, Skyranger builder