About the team

JPMetal Seagulls was created by aerophiles Jonathan ‘Yaw’ and Patricia Mawuli Porter in response to the need they saw in the engineering marketplace. They are both RFSC Rotax iRMT instructors, pilots, engineers and flying instructors, and carry their passion for the precision and working standards of aviation into all their work and thinking.

JP with children

Jonathan, also know as Yaw (which is both his African name and a nickname based on his display flying), has a background in CNC programming, machining and related production and has worked on projects from aerospace to civil works, racing cars to industrial power generation. He led the development of regulation development for the sub-500kg class of aircraft for a West African country and has more than 5,000 hours of flight experience (mostly below 800ft agl). He has flown microlights, group A aircraft and even taken the controls of an Aermacchi jet. Jonathan enjoys the challenge of a project, whether from inception or for a short intervention when required on a project in need.

Thumbs up after another MoM mission...

Patricia Mawuli (Mawuli being her African name), was the first woman to be certified as an iRMT by Rotax Aircraft Engines in  Austria and the first woman to achieve the Ghana National Pilots Licence. Coming from a rural African background, she has an incredible eye for solving problems with limited resources. Some of her hand produced parts are a close match for any CNC machine tool, and TIG welding is amongst her favourite activities. Patricia has built or rebuilt more than a dozen two-seat light aircraft, including a float plane and various special adaptations for flight training, photographic and aerial supply missions.


THe futureGwenevere Fafali often accompanies Jonathan and Patricia, and is referred to as their ‘work in progress’ or the ‘Future Pilot/Engineer’. It is rumoured that she is actually the boss…









The team is not just the family, since they call upon their colleagues from all walks of life, and parts of the world, to assist in projects, as required. So, if you think you have a job for the Metal Seagulls Team, do not hesitate to talk it over with them, and you will be surprised at what they might be able to do for you and your team.


Metal Seagulls Ltd : Registered at Companies House, UK: 09942526