The EarthX Battery is the ideal low-weight redundant BMS (Battery Management System) battery for your aircraft.  With outstanding cranking amps, low weight and industry standard format, this is the right battery for Rotax, ULPower, Lycoming and Continental installations.  Rapidly becoming the OEM battery of choice, we are pleased to keep the ETX900 (click here for the full pdf data sheet) as a stock item both in the UK and available for collection in Ieper, Belgium also.

When choosing your battery, you must not only consider the alternator output, cranking amps and voltage requirements, but also the amp-hours.  The amp-hours are what will keep your engine/instruments running past an alternator failure.  This is why we recommend the ETX900 as it offers nearly 16aH of sustainability – roughly 30 minutes of operation, subject to your other electrical demands.

Other batteries are available on demand – and the full range is visible on the EarthX Website here.  Please call us to discuss your installation! –