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the basic checklists we use when flying in our aircraft, which are referenced in the Wonderful Adversity series of books and our various presentations and lectures

AN bolt identifier

During the build (or maintenance), many folks struggle to identify their AN Bolts… so to make it a bit easier, we have a downloadable self-print chart which you can download by clicking the image below.  When you print it out choose ‘actual size’ and/or un-check ‘fit to page’ (fitting to page will make it wrong!!!).  Then check the 1″, 2″ and 3″ lines.  If they are not exactly those dimensions you can adjust using a %age zoom on a photocopier to get it right.If you place the bolt on the line (as shown) you will be able to read the LENGTH of the bolt in 1/8″ of an inch. Note 8/8″ is 1″, so that is read as 10.  Then 1 and 1/8″ is 11, etc.  For the diameter, you can measure in 1/16″ of an inch – or offer to the circles.  Then the codes for holes are as follows.  If there is an ‘H’ then there is a HOLE in the head of the bolt.  If there is an A then then then the hole in the shank is ABSENT.  So, an AN3-5A is 3/16″ diameter, 5/8″ long without a hole in the head or shank.  A AN3-H-5A is the same bolt but with a hole in the head (for wire locking) and a AN3-5 is the same bolt but without a hole in the head and with a hole in the shank (for a castle nut).

Rotax 912iS installation wiring checks and related items (please read this and the LAA magazine articles before calling us for tech support on your Rotax 912iS installation!

How to check a 912iS and wiring diagram

  LAA Magazine article on installing injected engines

We get LOTS of questions about how to install injected engines, and since we are factory trained at both ROTAX and ULPower, we worked to put together an article that helps those installing injected engines to consider their installation methodologies.  Remember, the aim is to keep you safe in the skies, and there is no substitute for the installation manual… but  we hope that these articles from the LAA magazine will help – and if you are not a member of the LAA, then do consider joining!

PART 1 Technical – Injected Engines P1a

PART 2  Technical – Injected Engines P2a

STOL Flying : STOL – Fly STOL safely