Belite Aircraft

Metal Seagulls are proud to reperesent Belite aircraft in the UK and Europe. We offer kits and ready to fly aircraft as well as owner/builder support, group skype conferences  and more.

The golden goose of a £10,000 3-axis airframe in the UK appeared to be drifting away in the history books… and then something magical happened in Kansas…

Through transatlantic co-operation, Jonathan and Patricia Porter, Directors of Metal Seagulls, are pleased to announce that the new Belite concept being launched at Sebring in January 2017, will hopefully be followed up with an airframe on show in the UK at Popham Microlight Trade Fair on 29th/30th April 2017. Thanks to the UK SSDR regulations, Metal Seagulls are working hand-in-hand with the Belite team to bring the latest developments in light-weight and innovative designs to the European market as early as possible.

The new Belite design , being launched as a 2-seat light sport aircraft in the USA, is an ideal candidate as a single seat, deregulated airframe here. As such, this will allow the aircraft to be developed and flown as an SSDR whilst exploring the opportunities for 2-seat microlight potential in the European marketplace.

“When the SSDR concept was launched, it was aimed at helping to bring innovation to the marketplace, leading to new designs coming to market at lower costs,” explains Patricia. “Now, we can see a real application of the concept being used in meeting needs and inspiring development – not only in the UK, but throughout Europe.”


This aircraft has the following design goals:

*Conventional aerodynamic design

*Side-by-side seating, (left seat for SSDR version)

*Very quick build time with highly accurate parts and high strength modern materials

*Classic look and fun to fly

*Good short field performance

*Rugged landing gear

*Taildragger or tricycle gear configuration

*Primary structure of aluminum with strong lightweight honeycomb

*175 kg empty weight (with 2 stroke engine)

*195kg empty weight (with 4 stroke engine)

*385kg gross weight for 2 seat operations

*300kg gross weight for SSDR compliance

*Up to 65HP engine

Available in a number of affordable component kits, a builder can start their own aircraft for under £1,000 – or pick and choose their components as they personalise their build.

With a vision to provide a complete, affordable, kit which can easily be built by an individual in their garage, without special tools, and with state of the art strength and build methodologies, the project is already undergoing initial sub-component testing and well on course for test flights this spring.

Target airframe pricing in the UK/Europe is as follows:

Rudder: £599, Horizontal feathers: £849, Rear fuselage: £2,349, Cabin: £3,249, Wings: £4,549. Or they can be purchased all together for £9,999, offering savings of over £1500!

The airframe kit includes a one-day build training programme and a voucher worth £200 towards a Rotax 582 FWF kit (pricing to be announced at Popham)

Completion Options:

Taildragger: £2,299 or Tricycle: £2,599

Wing tanks £1,099 (ideal for 2 seat operations) or cabin tank (SSDR only) £449

All prices are ex-VAT, ex-works Rugby area


Metal Seagulls invites early adopters to reserve their airframe with a £500 deposit.

All specifications subject to change without notice.


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