The Metal Seagulls Team are passionate about all things aviation and engineering. We have many years of hands-on experience in light aircraft build, maintenance, adaptation, operation and related engineering solutions.
We are pleased to represent ULPower Aero EnginesAircraft Spruce , Belite instruments, SAM Aircraft and Zenair, enabling us to offer amazing  support to our clients and aircraft options with 2 seat STOL, 2 seat cruising, 3 & 4 seat STOL and 4 seat cruising machines.  We enjoy getting and keeping our clients flying.
Our extensive in-field experiences in building and flying aircraft in West Africa, where our directors were distributors for Rotax Aircraft Engines, X-Air and Zenith (Zenair), provides a great base from which to support various OEMs, NGOs, specialist operators and home-builders alike. We know what it is like to build for personal use and for mission flights, understanding that many clients want support from a single-point supplier, where possible, for peace of mind and efficiency; to that end, we provide consultancy, training and support solutions to meet the needs of our valued clients.
Our aircraft are able to be flown with a variety of power-plants (Rotax, UL Power, Lycoming, Continental, etc) to suit your needs and tastes, and we are most willing to explore the best option for you on a case-by-case basis.  We can  provide a turn-key solution to your build and maintenance needs, enabling you to focus on your aircraft and flying.

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 Follow the build of the WZYZ Plane -a Zenair CH750 STOL being built by Patricia with the help of hundreds of women and young people! Find out more on the WXYZ Plane facebook page here